• Loan Origination – businesses upload details of their loan request including information on their sector, ownership, products/services, assets, key customers and more. Credit history, cashflow and stability checks via scoring system and external credit decision engines. Available with or without Directors’ Guarantees
  • Visual Marketplace – fixed or reverse auction-style bidding on loan requests on the site. Lenders compete and underbid each other to remain in the loan
  • Automated Marketplace – automated market not visible on the site where lenders set up their lending criteria (sector, credit-rating, interest rate etc) which are “matched” with suitable business loan requests. The system can be configured to make available either the Visual Market or the Automated Market, or both
  • Secondary Market – for lenders to buy and sell existing loan parts or for lending firms to offer their existing loans to retail or institutional buyers
  • Bidding Tools – AutoLend enables lenders with more experience to use their skills to flex their lending parameters to potentially improve interest rates achieved
  • Loan Servicing – loan disbursal, collection and distribution of monthly payments, manage late or missed payments, interface with third party collection agencies
  • Optional Reserve Fund Scheme – optional lenders’ reserve fund scheme for missed or late payments, automatically calculates and processes transactions according to the rules in place
  • Comprehensive Information Services – Dashboards for lenders and business borrowers. Market and regulatory information, statistics, charts, drill-down enquiries and email notifications (according to preferences set)
  • Document Management – Store and retrieve notes and correspondence with lenders and borrowers registered on your platform

These are just a few of the features of our comprehensive software platform. Back office settings are configurable to mutiple business lending models and our development team can add particular requirements that are unique to your firm. To find out more or to discuss your particular requirements, please get in touch.