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Madiston plc, digital lending software vendor, has the findings of the recent The Bank Director's 2019 Technology Survey at the heart of its Digital Banking platform.  Three key points from the survey: Banks top objectives: 72% of survey respondents say fuelling efficiency.  78% say improving the customer experience.Areas of IT spend: 68% are investing in automation, and 67% are investin...

The Madiston Platform for Digital Banking and Capital Markets includes all you need to take your global lending and borrowing online. Our digital lending software is available as Licenced software, Software-As-A-Service or Platform-As-A-Service for different varieties of online direct lending including Balance Sheet Lending, Marketplace/Peer to Peer Lending or bespoke lending models.

The Madiston Platform<br>&nbsp;

The Madiston Platform

  • Comprehensive configurable platform
  • Highly automated to save running costs
  • Mitigates fraud and security risks
  • Hosted on own server, third party or cloud
  • Software proven in live environments

Consumer, Business and Property Lending

Consumer, Business and Property Lending

  • Standard implementation in 90 days
  • Configurable to your lending model
  • Loan origination to loan servicing
  • Innovative Finance ISA
  • Risk analysis decision engine

Why Choose Madiston?<br>&nbsp;

Why Choose Madiston?

  • Innovator, shaping the future
  • Track record in FinTech
  • FCA regulatory experience
  • Collaborative technology partner
  • Buy, not build, save time and money

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