Digital Banking and Lending step by step guide

Madiston’s simple process helps you get the digital banking and/or lending platform that is right for your business. From pre-sales to beyond go-live, we’ve done the planning, building, configuration and testing - all that’s left is to choose the functions and delivery mechanism that you need.



You spot the Madiston platform and contact us for more info.

We’ll respond and, if helpful, share a summary of a “standard” implementation and pricing, together with some key points on our product and the regulatory environment generally.



You have the resources you need, you like what you see and so you request a demo.

At a mutually convenient time, we'll "meet" in our online conference room where we can share our screen with you and your team wherever you are in the world. We can step you through the core functionality and answer any questions you have.



Inevitably one of the areas you are considering at this stage is your regulatory environment.

We can help you because Madiston has experience of the application process and being regulated in the UK. We also have the technology platform with the processes, dual approvals, client money reconciliations and audit trails amongst others, designed to satisfy the regulations.



You see that our technology platform can do pretty much all you need and can even save you money because functions like CMS, CRM and DBMS are all included in our platform using open source technologies. But what about those particular areas unique to you? And what about price?

We share with you a couple of quick questionnaires to determine what else you need, what systems need to be interfaced (ID verification, credit referencing, banking etc), what you'd like your team to do and what you'd like us to do. We then agree a phased plan with a price broken down into licence, support and implementation services.



You give us the go ahead, contracts are signed, what happens now?

Within a matter of hours/days from contract signing, we will install the latest version of our software on our development servers for you so you can immediately start to explore the system and gain familiarity with all of the functionality we deliver.



You can accept the software as it is for your initial lending requirements (configuration and product settings) and we can specify any customisations of the system as required.

Our software has been designed to meet the requirements of most business models in the global market so it is unlikely that you will need major modifications for phase one delivery but there may be some customisation.



This is the point where focused attention on testing will be needed to meet planned live dates. Your team and ours work together to achieve this.

We are known for our speedy response to requests. In some cases, requests for changes can be made overnight as we have support offices in two time zones: the UK and India.



You're good to go, the system is approved and countdown to go live begins.

We'll continue to work closely with you throughout the crucial go-live stage. We will deliver documentation to help you find your way around the new system. We will train your staff as agreed in the implementation plan and operations. If required, we will use our migration tools to port your existing data into the new system.



You're live, perhaps in as little as 90 days since Step 6, but now you want to add new third-party services or roll out the next product offering as part of your business plan.

We can help you add further products/services to your initial system, perhaps business lending, personal loans or property/secured loans. The functionality can be switched on and customised for you as before. Adding new products as you grow your business.



You trigger your plan to expand into new territories. You need to deploy the system in two languages and multiple currencies.

Ours is a truly global product with multi-lingual, multi-currency and multiple functions built into the software. We review the customisation for your local banking, payment and regulatory environment and implement your expansion plan.


And at any point...

If you discover that minor upgrades are needed for new regulation or industry-wide changes, no problem.

Minor regulatory changes are implemented in the software as part of your support contract. Any major regulatory changes will be completed at shared cost which is another good reason to “buy” not “build”.