Digital Banking and Lending Technology Platform

The Madiston Platform enables a range of digital banking and financial services. You may be providing, or wish to provide: customer accounts, payment processing, borrowing and lending/investment facilities, balance sheet, syndicated or peer to peer via an online loan marketplace, primary and secondary markets, for any loan asset class. The Madiston Platform enables complete digital transformation for all these requirements in a low code, highly configurable, hyper-automated system.

It all began with our design objectives to increase your speed to market, save your development costs and, most importantly, reduce your on-going operating costs so boost profitability or startups to reach profitability sooner.

Every software platform provider uses the same words, so what makes Madiston different? Decades of experience delivering financial sector systems, has led us to develop a straight forward and practical approach to automating all the processes of digital banking and lending services. Our Platform can be easily configured to generate a multitude of fully online digital lending and borrowing solutions.

Inside our Platform
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Diagram of components inside Madiston’s digital lending software for sale, showing loan origination, onboarding, ID/AML/KYC, credit risk, secondary loan markets, lender/borrower products, loan servicing, with regulatory compliance built-in

The Madiston Platform is the "engine" that drives Madiston's applications and includes the key components for digital banking and online lending systems. Low code technology with multiple settings to give you speed to market (quick initial deployment) and easy to change so low-cost modifications as your business grows.

  • Security controls for approvals and authority levels
  • Customer database management
  • Underwriting and credit risk categorisation via Risk Analysis Decision Engine and interfaces to reference agencies and fraud data systems
  • Payment processing. Client money management. Bank interfaces. Direct debits/credits, ACH, BACS, Faster Payments, bank transfer, PayPal, credit and debit cards
  • Open Banking and Account to Account (A2A) payments
  • Automated transaction processing
  • Loan reporting, drill down enquiries and audit trails
  • Interface with third party services as required eg ID verification, debt collection agencies etc
  • Multiple currencies (fiat and crypto), language and location facilities, FX
  • Segregated tax-free investment accounts e.g the UK Innovative Finance ISA
  • CRM/document management facilities
  • Marketing resources like blogs and forums

Choose the back-office settings to suit your business model, define the modifications specific to your business and we will swiftly deliver them.
Standard implementation can be live within 90 days.

Diagram showing Madiston's lending software platform for sale for applications including Online Lending / Peer to Peer Lending, Digital Banking, Institutional Loan Markets and Bespoke Lending Marketplaces

Our low-code hyper-automated digital banking and online lending platform will save you time and money. Fast configuration to your chosen business model increases speed to market. Reach profitability quicker as you benefit from on-going cost savings as our system operates with fewer people.

Proven in live environments around the world. In the UK, Europe and the Americas, multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-location operations.

Our software is designed to be compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations in the UK. Regulation is monitored so on-going changes in those regulations will be incorporated into the system where applicable.

Experienced in delivering FinTech solutions, digital banking facilities and running a regulated online lending platform.

Satisfies most viable lending models. Chat with us to explore ideas and see how we can help you deliver your business model.

Whether you are a startup or an established financial services firm looking to “digitally transform” to online operations there is much to think about, not least regulation, finance, business model and strategy. If you’re considering whether to “buy, rent or build” your digital banking services: customer accounts, payment processing, loan origination, loan servicing or risk analysis software or services, then contact us to see what we can do to save you time and money and deliver a better solution quicker than others.

The Madiston Platform increases speed to market, saves costs and reduces risk.

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