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Proven profitable expansion triggers resuscitation of retail P2P lending & borrowing

Peer to peer lending and borrowing (P2P), or more particularly, consumer P2P, is not dead, it has just been beaten up by bad actors, bandwagon jumpers and poor execution!

In 2009 the notion for P2P was that "technology would take the strain" and it would beat banks at their own game. Unfortunately, that promise has not been delivered by many. Poor automation technology has been the main culprit and several market players retained too much of the banks' approach in operation and execution. Countless retail P2P businesses were unprofitable and therefore non sustainable.

Veteran Fintech Guru, Tim Simon, CEO at Madiston plc, has a unique understanding of the legacy systems operating in the financial sector. For over ten years he has been developing a new and different approach that will accelerate P2P firms' route to profitability and give financial institutions digital freedom from their legacy shackles. Madiston is now offering its proven, global, best of breed software, the Madiston Platform, for fully online digital banking and financial services.

The Madiston Platform is a low code and truly hyper-automated software platform. It offers most loan and lending/investment services, payments, banking via many business models, by configuring settings rather than cutting code. It is also available via multiple delivery and distribution channels (In house or hosted server, Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, Market as a Service, etc.) to suit specific requirements.

This resuscitates and re-invigorates P2P by offering FinTechs lower initial investment, the shortest time to market, minimum operations staff, and lowest location costs. The result being early profitability and faster growth. The P2P business model has enormous potential. Executed correctly, it is attractive to retail investors (see research on and provides valuable secondary markets for financial institutions.

Implemented initially on Madiston's own FCA authorised consumer P2P site, the now well-proven Madiston Platform has been deployed in six countries. Some of the FinTech users of the platform partnered with, and took on business from, major financial institutions, yet still run low cost-base operations making profitability sooner and are achieving sustainable growth.

Technology like the Madiston Platform, that truly delivers low-cost operations, drives up the value in P2P Lending...and, indeed, other digital lending business models where margins really matter.

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