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'Twas the night before lockdown, the ghost of past banking
Warns dinosaur bankers of losing their ranking
"You move into FinTech and get with the times
Or be left cleaning dust from your pennies and dimes.
A suit in the high street was fine for C. Dickens
but Madiston-ise or be left with thin pickings."

'Twas the night before Christmas two thousand and twenty
Like many the bankers have problems a plenty
Black matters and masks, Covid, C'rona and Brexit
They're looking for FinTech and looking to flex it
The Ghost of now Christmas from self-isolation
Skypes plusses and minuses - states of the nation
"We're now at a crossroads in things economic
Be light on your feet or become something comic
And just on the light side to mention our Macron
Will never find rhyming or reason with mackerel."

'Twas the night after Christmas, and Madiston folk
Were toasting their soldiers to push in their yolk
Fin-managers, fin-dev's and also fin-techies
From e-banking systems were munching their breckies
The Ghostie of banking that is yet to happen
Was breaking his fast with a teaspoon by tappin'
"You Madiston people would do Darwin proud
It's a bit late for carols but let us sing loud -

(To the tune of Good King Wenceslas)
"Good Fin Banking lass looked out
FinTech's keel is even
Opportunity's about
For them that's believin'.
Rightly shone a future bright
Bankers they could do well
Those ignoring this insight
Will be left with gru-u-el." 
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